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Taggart & Torrens

Taggart & Torrens is the brainchild/lovechild of Jeremy Taggart (former drummer of Our Lady Peace) and Jonathan Torrens (from Jonovision to J-Roc). Their weekly podcast – a celebration of Canadianity – has 4 Million downloads, has spawned a bestselling book and will soon produce a full-length comedy album on Dine Alone records. BAHDS, as their listeners call themselves, can’t get enough tales from the road, dumb party games and unique characters that TnT creates on the pod. The TnT Podcast is a fast and fun combo of music, memories, a hint of mayhem and a heck of a lot of Canadianity. Listen to TnT here.

Beauty & Stuff

You know, there seems to be a GIANT void on the Internet when it comes to Beauty. It seems like no one is talking about tips and tricks and trends. Ahhh wait. Everyone is. But amoung the noise of the 12 year olds on YouTube, those of us of a certain age are being left to fend for ourselves when it comes to dried up faces, crows feet, PMS and fashion.

Insert Beauty & Stuff. Erika Snyder is a professional makeup artist who knows more than the average bear about Beauty and Sylvia Beirnes knows more about Stuff than she’d care to admit.

Each week these ladies will bring you a healthy dose of laughter and information as they help eachother navigate the ever-changing world of getting old and looking good while doing it.

Listen to Beauty & Stuff now!