Who Are We

Meet Jonathan Torrens, Jeremy Taggart and Sylvia Beirnes, Founders of Canadianity Content Studios.

Jonathan Torrens is a TV veteran both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. With a jam-packed resume including Street Cents, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys, Mr. D. and Letterkenny, he’s solidifed his place among the heavy hitters of Canadian Television.

Jeremy Taggart is a drummer of epic proportions best known for his work with Our Lady Peace. Touring the world with Rock & Roll royalty since the age of 16, Jeremy has seen it all. A Canadian music legend himself,  Jeremy loves sharing his talents with budding musicians, and his tales from the road with his fans. 

Outside of their respective careers, Taggart & Torrens have formed a duo that has taken Canada by storm. TnT now includes a wildly successful podcast, best-selling book and a Live Tour that BAHDS can’t get enough of.

Sylvia Beirnes is no stranger to the world of Film and TV. She comes to the team with an exhaustive background in Entertainment and Brand Marketing and a passion for pop-culture that is second to none. Her work with Mercedes-Benz, Empire Theatres and Cineplex among others, has not only honed her digital chops but given her exposure into the inner workings of big brands and studios.

As individuals they’ve built resumes they are exceptionally proud of. Together, Canadianity Content Studios will bring creators to their fans and brands to their audiences. All without compromising the creative process that we hold dear.

What Is CCS?

Pitching shows to traditional networks and broadcasters can be a time consuming and often fruitless effort, no matter how good an idea might be, or how established the audience is.

We know that people want to consume content. We also know that they aren’t consuming it in the ways that they used to. So while networks are trying to grapple with how to bring the right content to the right people, we’re taking matters into our own hands.

How Does CCS Work?

You’ve got a great idea. We’ve got the chops to bring your ideas to the screen. We also have a deep bench of brand partners anxious to get to your audience.

Let’s take Taggart & Torrens for example! With a podcast that has seen more than 3 million downloads, a best-selling book and more sold-out live shows than you can shake a stick at, networks still passed on TnT TV.

What about Jasmine Lorimer, Canada’s beloved Bachelorette? She won our hearts, has an avid social following, and continues to work as a talented stylist. Her love for TV, styling, and helping people look and feel their best has all the squishy-ness you could ask for, yet there was no place for her to create and share.

Canadianity Content Studios was formed as a way of taking established veterans of the Entertainment industry and bring their projects to life using digital means and cutting out the middleman. 

CCS will produce content like Taggart & Torrens TnT TV  and Jasmine Lorimer’s Hairapy to get to their primed audience faster and open up the door for exciting and meaningful brand partnerships.

Amazing content. Engaged audiences. Ads that don’t suck.

Does it get better than that?

Having trouble gaining traction with your idea? Fire it off to us at ideas@canadianitycontent.com.

Are you a brand looking to get creative AND engage with your audience? We’d  love to hear from you too. ideas@canadianitycontent.com.

CCS Pods

Canadianity Content Studios is proud to bring you CCS PODS.

Taggart & Torrens

Taggart & Torrens is the brainchild/lovechild of Jeremy Taggart (former drummer of Our Lady Peace) and Jonathan Torrens (from Jonovision to J-Roc). Their weekly podcast – a celebration of Canadianity – has 4 Million downloads, has spawned a bestselling book and will soon produce a full-length comedy album on Dine Alone records. BAHDS, as their listeners call themselves, can’t get enough tales from the road, dumb party games and unique characters that TnT creates on the pod. The TnT Podcast is a fast and fun combo of music, memories, a hint of mayhem and a heck of a lot of Canadianity. Listen to TnT here.

Beauty & Stuff

You know, there seems to be a GIANT void on the Internet when it comes to Beauty. It seems like no one is talking about tips and tricks and trends. Ahhh wait. Everyone is. But amoung the noise of the 12 year olds on YouTube, those of us of a certain age are being left to fend for ourselves when it comes to dried up faces, crows feet, PMS and fashion.

Insert Beauty & Stuff. Erika Snyder is a professional makeup artist who knows more than the average bear about Beauty and Sylvia Beirnes knows more about Stuff than she’d care to admit.

Each week these ladies will bring you a healthy dose of laughter and information as they help eachother navigate the ever-changing world of getting old and looking good while doing it.

Listen to Beauty & Stuff now!

Your Two Cents


Your Two Cents Season 1 is here! Proudly developed by Canadianity Content Studios in partnership with Credit Unions of Atlantic Canada, Your Two Cents is a 24 part digital series bringing financial literacy to 20-somethings (and beyond!).

Special guests this season include: Jonathan Torrens, Jeremy Taggart, Arkells, Annie Murphy, Nate Dales, Dylan Playfair, Jay Onrait, Dan O’Toole, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Clark Backo and many many more.

Have an idea? What to know more about a money matter? Send them to ideas@yourtwocentstv.com.

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About Canadianity Content Studios: What happens when you mix an actor, a drummer and a marketing guru? You get Canadianity Content Studios. CCS is a Digital Content Production Company focused on bringing veterans of the entertainment industry onto screens while cutting out the middlemen. Canadianity Content Studios partners Jonathan Torrens, Jeremy Taggart and Sylvia Beirnes all have deep roots in Canadian entertainment and have developed brand partnerships to pair with digital content. CCS credits include Taggart & Torrens TV, Jasmine Lorimer’s Hairapy, and Get Growing with Niki Jabbour.

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